Things to understand about SEO marketing in Vancouver

Things to understand about SEO marketing

When it comes to online marketing, propaganda flourishes and gets mixed exponentially by an unbelievable vibrant evolving world. Many things about SEO that existed several years ago have since changed. Sometimes it appears like SEO rules change every now and again. Keeping yourself updated can help achieve your SEO marketing goals. Here are some of the myths you need to understand about marketing.

Keyword-rich domains not preferable by Google anymore

Some years ago, Google appeared to put an unstable amount of emphasis on keywords in the domain name. A site would be ranked first in a search for one keyword. For example, cannot rank because of SEO expert keyword. That is not applicable anymore according to Google. A site links not because of its domain name due to its authority. It means domains based on keywords will not give you higher rankings.

Metatag descriptions assist your rankings

Metatag descriptions used to be great elements on rankings. But that is not the case. Bing or Google no longer index them. Things are different now! However, they shouldn’t be ignored. A more compelling description that is displayed alongside your link persuades users to click your link.

Websites submission to search engines

Many companies back in 2001, offered this services. But that is not what it is anymore. Currently, any connection from any site to yours leads to the discovery of your site faster. Indexing is different from achieving higher rankings on search engines. This means site submissions to search engines are no longer useful. The more connections your site has, the more likely, it is to be discovered by search engines like Google.

Good SEO is not about tricking Google

Some SEO experts do their business by trapping Google. This does not offer a sustainable SEO solution. This is just corrupt SEO practice. Excellent SEO is all about an informative website with relevant information. Encouraging distribution and sharing of the unique content is the best tool in SEO marketing. This can help drive organic publicity and more links back to your site. Google wants openness when it comes to higher rankings.


If you have a website and are planning for to do some Vancouver SEO marketing, now you know what to avoid. Marketing your website through SEO means making it simple for search engine robots and users to understand. Even if search engines have become progressively urbane, they however cannot can’t see and read some web page like human beings can. Including a proper structure to your content is essential when doing SEO. It is also nice to know the limitations and abilities of search engines.

Author: Karen Thompson